Flea Treatment

There is nothing worse than the realisation that the itchy feeling you are experiencing is in fact a flea infestation!

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Fleas are a common and widespread problem throughout Melbourne during the warmer months, especially for pet owners. The DIY pest control products that are available from the supermarket or hardware store are limited in their effectiveness and often not effective at all for the summer infestations of fleas. This is particularly relevant in situations where pets are still at the property or have recently been removed.

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Common situations where flea infestations manifest are:

  • Vacant property infestations infestations are common particularly when there is a change of occupier at a property and the previous occupier has had a pet. The absence of the host (host being the pet) forces the fleas to bite humans and make their presence known.
  • Returning from a holiday has the same effect as the occupier changing over. The host being removed from the property for even a short amount of time prompts the eggs or nymphs that have been dormant, due to lack of stimulation, to become active. As a result of the pause in cycle the fleas become hungry and will start to bite whatever they can, including humans.
  • Sociable pets that wander or roam are more likely to contract and transfer fleas into the home environment. In some areas flea numbers are naturally very high due to favorable environmental conditions. In these situations ‘on pet’ flea control options like collars or spot treatments are of limited effect.
  • Tenancy vacate treatments real estate property managers requiring a vacating treatment to control and prevent fleas in properties where the tenant has had or been given permission to have a pet. In these situations we have a cost effective treatment solution that meets the agent’s requirements.

The treatment or removal methods that WR Gay Pest Control employs is non-hazardous, odourless, and are specifically designed for the control of fleas offering fast acting elimination of the infestation along with long term eradication of the eggs.

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