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Melbourne has an ever increasing population of native Brushtail and Ringtail possums, supported by abundant food found in the leaves, shoots, fruit and flowers of our non-native gardens and trees. Their rapid expansion in numbers is forcing them to find new shelter and harbourage in the roof and wall areas of our homes, resulting in sleepless nights, unpleasant odours and a real risk of damage to electrical wiring and insulation.

To combat this, WR Gay Pest Control offers a safe and effective possum removal service for residents and business owners across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. In equal measure, it is our job to make sure we provide a treatment that will harmlessly return them to their natural habitat.

With WR Gay Pest Control’s possum removal services you will receive:

  • All inclusive service includes roof repairs
  • Licenced by DSE
  • Possums are not harmed
  • Rodent treatments and prevention

  • Free quotes
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Fast results
  • Over 60 years’ experience in the field

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Does my Melbourne property need a possum removal service?

This is a common area of confusion however we are able to carry out a free inspection to determine the pest in question and therefore the appropriate treatment plan. If the pest identified is a possum a free quote for removal will be provided. If the inspection results in rodents being present then baiting will be carried out.

An indication that possums are present is the occurrence of slow moving noise with periodic running from one end of the roof to another often accompanied by screeching or hissing sound. Noises are only at night from just after dusk til just before dawn – this is consistent with Brushtail possum activity and we can provide a solution for this problem.

Light scratching noise in roof and wall areas often heard late afternoon or mornings is probably more likely to be rodents than possums, however it’s always best to book a free quote to check.

Plants in garden, especially lemon trees, camellias and fruit trees being eaten, is consistent with possum feeding and grazing. Due to current native wildlife legislation laws possums cannot be removed or trapped in this situation. The only solution to resolve this problem is to isolate the plants or trees with guards or shields to prevent possums being able to access them.

WR Gay Pest Control offers a comprehensive possum removal and treatment service to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, from Watsonia to Bentleigh and throughout the Ringwood area. Contact us today for a free quote on your property.

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