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What to expect from our ant exterminator services

WR Gay Pest Control offers expert ant control for homes and businesses throughout Melbourne:

  • Eliminate ants from inside homes
  • Fast acting
  • We use an effective unique industry only product
  • Used and trusted in 1000’s of Melbourne homes every year.

  • Guaranteed Ant Control Melbourne
  • Safe for family and pets
  • Treatment only takes about one hour
  • Non-hazardous

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Further information on ants and the effects they can have on your property

Melbourne homes and commercial businesses are regularly invaded by a variety of pest ant species, which present a health risk via the transfer of various germs and bacteria. This situation presents the opportunity for potential contamination of food items and cooking utensils.

In some cases if left untreated by suitable pest control measures, ant numbers can reach hundreds of thousands and create additional problems when nesting in walls or roof spaces to electrical wiring and equipment such as hot water services, air conditioning units, stoves and fridges, down lights etc.

There are four main species of ants that invade homes or outdoor living areas in Melbourne:

  • Brown Ants invade kitchen and bathroom areas and are often found in pantries. They frequently seem to appear from nowhere very quickly and even after they have been ‘cleaned up’ they re-appear.
  • Black Ants are often encountered foraging inside homes, mainly in kitchen areas, and are attracted usually to sweet foods. They are also a major problem when they choose to nest in wall or roof voids.
  • Coastal Brown Ants are a species that nests within buildings and garden areas, however unlike the name suggests, they are not just in coastal areas and are a major pest species throughout Melbourne suburban areas.
  • Argentine Ants are a small brown ant that is an invasive introduced pest species that is common and widespread. They usually nest and invade homes and buildings in cooler months, then spread out in large numbers over the summer period, occupying pot plants, gardens and compost bins. They are also commonly found foraging in rubbish bins, on dead animals or excrement.
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