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In Melbourne our spider threat and danger comes from highly mobile hunting spiders like the White Tail and Wolf Spider that often find their way inside our homes and offices. They then lay in wait beneath or behind furniture, clothing, toys and other personal items or furnishings.

WR Gay Pest Control offers an effective and safe spider control solution for homes and workplaces throughout Melbourne, Victoria. We guarantee a lasting and harmless solution, to a degree unrivalled by our competition. What you can expect from our spider control services includes:

  • Used by 1000’s of Melbourne families
  • Safe and effective
  • No odour
  • Professional industry only products

  • Guaranteed
  • Works faster and longer than DIY products
  • Harmless to pets
  • Peace of mind

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The four major spider species in Melbourne are:

  • The White Tail Spider can be identified by its long cigar shaped body and distinctive white tip on the tail. Usually found inside homes at floor level hiding under household or office items.
  • Wolf Spiders are almost identical to White Tail Spiders without the white tip. Similar habits to White Tail Spiders but are generally less common.
  • Huntsman are a relatively large spider that moves very fast when approached and shows aggressive behaviour when provoked. Often seen on walls and ceilings and does not attempt to hide.
  • The Black House Spider is usually an “outside” spider that builds lots of messy and disorganised webs around windows and under eaves. They particularly like the areas under patio roofs with skylights. Also common in gardens, along fences, in playground equipment, on clotheslines, and under the lip of council ‘wheelie bins’.

Our spider treatments are a simple but effective process involving applying a product and method specifically developed to control the spiders encountered in Melbourne.

Treatments can vary depending on property type and spider species presenting the problem or risk. These can involve treating internal areas only, external areas only, or more complete treatments to target all spider species by treating internal areas, external areas, roof and wall voids, sub-floor areas and garden areas, including fences.

In most cases you do not even need to vacate the property during or after the treatment, and treatments typically remain effective for many months.

Get in contact with WR Gay Pest Control today and discuss the spider control needs of your Melbourne property, or book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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