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As Melbourne has grown, so has the numbers of the common house mouse. Due to the small size of the immature mice they find their way into homes via the smallest of gaps and holes. Once inside they breed quickly and can be difficult to eliminate with DYI products from the supermarket or hardware stores.

WR Gay Pest Control Melbourne offers the perfect solution for getting rid of mice. We have a great wealth of experience providing effective, safe, and long lasting solutions for ensuring your Melbourne home or office is free of these unwanted pests. With our mice control services, you can expect:

  • Fast, safe and effective
  • Fully guaranteed
  • No mess
  • No risk to pets or children

  • No dangerous traps
  • Professional products for superior results
  • Appointment times to meet your busy schedule
  • Fixed price no hidden extra costs

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The four most common situations that where you may require a mice exterminator in Melbourne homes:

  • Food is spoiled and droppings are found in food cupboards pantry area, or cupboards under sink. These are the most common places for mice.
  • Physical activity such as a mouse being seen darting across a room and disappearing into a small gap, behind furniture or an appliance is also a clear indication.
  • When items and personal belongings are in storage areas, sub-floors, garages and sheds can become infested by mice, often shredding the contents for nesting materials and staining areas leaving an obnoxious smell.
  • Noises and scratching heard in roof areas, in walls, and often from beneath the floor, can often indicate a fairly substantial mouse infestation.

In all these situations WR Gay Pest Control can provide a fast, safe and effective solution to quickly and effectively eliminate the existing problem and give ongoing protection against future infestations.

All treatments and products used are either safe for family and pets or placed in areas only accessible only by the rodents themselves and not to pets or children. Contact WR Gay Pest Control today to discuss a mice control solution that will best fit the needs of your Melbourne property.

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