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Melbourne is famous for experiencing “four seasons in a day”, so it can be a bit more difficult to predict what pests will be prevalent at each time of year. In saying that, WR Gay Pest Control has more than 59 years of local knowledge and experience in the removal of unwanted pests throughout Melbourne and the greater region.

As a result of our experience in the local area we’ve been able to compile the following information on what to expect around this time of year, as well as important information for the pests you’re most likely to encounter.

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Melbourne’s winter sees rats, mice & possums seek warmth

One of these comfort seekers is cute and fury and look like they wouldn’t hurt a thing! The reality is your roof is no place for a possum to call home! Apart from the noise they make which is depriving you of your sleep, they can also cause significant damage to your property including wiring and insulation.

The other two winter warmth searchers are the rodents that we experience in Melbourne, rats and mice. Not only can these also cause damage to your home but they also carry disease! We at WR Gay Pest Control have the safe solutions for getting these little critters under control and out of your house.

For the best result in eradicating this pest problem call the professionals at WR Gay for expert rat removal and mice control services as soon as possible.

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