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The most commonly found wasp in Melbourne is the European Wasp. These aggressively natured wasps are an introduced pest and can be difficult and dangerous to eliminate. In many cases a wasp nest can contain tens of thousands of the deadly insects. They often conceal their nests within wall voids and the roof spaces of Melbourne homes, they are difficult to locate and often not detected until the nest is near maximum size. In all cases with the European Wasp, the nest must be exterminated by direct treatment to eliminate the risk of attack to humans and pets alike.

Other reasons to address wasp problems are that they are capable of significant property damage and the displacement of native animals, birds and beneficial insects, like ladybugs and native bees.

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The four most common situations that wasps are encountered in and present the greatest risk are:

  • Nests established in walls or roof voids of houses and entering via holes and gaps, present a number of unexpected and unwelcome problems from continual presence of stray or lost wasps inside the house, to increased numbers of wasps immediately in outdoor living areas, making tasks difficult and compromised, such as working in the garden, having a BBQ or children playing.
  • Nests established in gardens, retaining walls, piles of firewood and various outdoor areas also present a significant risk, especially for children or pets that either inadvertently discovers them by stepping on, or near the nest entry, or by innocently interfering with the nest out of curiosity and unfamiliarity with the potential consequences. Another way to identify wasps is when you see them in a constant and steady flight path from a mass of grey material similar to papier mãché which is their nest. This nest may often be attached to a wall or tree or other structure.
  • When wasps are inside the home or building in large numbers and gathering against windows this is likely to indicate a ‘break through’ of the wasp nest as they eat through the plasterboard adjacent to the nest.
  • Wasps are potentially incredibly dangerous and the ‘do it yourself’ treatments in any form are not recommended due to the level of risk involved and the importance of the correct identification of species and therefore the appropriate treatment then being applied.

The treatment method WR Gay Pest Control in Melbourne employs for the control and elimination of wasp nests are non-hazardous to humans and pets and do not require your home or property to be vacated

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