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Why choose WR Gay for your termite pest control needs?

Today, modern termite/white ant control products are more advanced and successful than ever before. However it still requires specialist skills and extensive experience to get it right and avoid the disasters of selecting the wrong termite treatment method or product to suit your situation. Check out our process for termite inspection.

In all termite control situations, before any treatment is considered, an assessment is conducted to determine exactly the extent of the problem and how or which treatment method or product will be the most suited. Determining the most effective termite or pest control treatment is vital in eliminating the attack on your home.

  • Timber floor specialist
  • All works 100% fully guaranteed
  • Treatment are non-hazardous and will not harm “beneficial” organisms in soil
  • We do not employ subcontractors
  • Appointment times to suit your busy schedule

  • All major products and brands available
  • Best value and service
  • Expert, experienced staff
  • Inspection service
  • There is no need to vacate the premises

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Signs you should book a termite inspection in Melbourne:

Keeping your home safe from the dangers of termites or other pests is imperative in securing the foundations of your structure. Thankfully, there are key signs you can look out for, in order to determine whether your Melbourne property will benefit from a termite treatment plan. The four most common signs that you have a termite problem are:

  • Often the first evidence a home owner has that they have a termite or white ant problem is large numbers of winged insects emerging from a door or window architrave or through plaster. These winged Alates, as we call them, are the future termite queens leaving to start new nests elsewhere.
  • When damage or hollowing of timbers are detected this is the most common situation where termites/white ants are detected and affect both hard wood and soft wood flooring timbers, architraves, door frames and most other timbers within a building or structure.
  • Damage to stored items like boxes of papers or books stored in sub-floor or storage areas are attacked by termites/white ants. Not only is timber a food source for termites but paper and any cellulose material is highly desirable to them as well.
  • Mud or dirt appearing in gaps around door jambs or skirtings is often termite/white ant mudding and is associated with their activity, however often there is no detectable damage in the timbers.

The effective termite treatment methods that WR Gay provides are non-hazardous, odourless, and don’t require you to vacate the premises during or after spraying. In most instances the effect of the treatment is instant. We provide our termite control services throughout Melbourne’s suburbs, and are known as the trusted specialist for effective removals.

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