Wyndham Vale’s Leading Pest Control

WR Gay Pest Control provides professional pest inspections and treatment in Wyndham Vale. A family owned and operated business since 1960, we are the termite diagnosis and treatment experts. Wyndham Vale residents and businesses can rely on our qualified and knowledgeable team to conduct meticulous pest and termite inspections at domestic and commercial properties.

Innovative pest control that won’t damage your Wyndham Vale property

WR Gay’s team of efficient technicians deliver timely pest control services to your property using industry leading technology for an enhanced result. Once treatment is administered, you also receive important ongoing preventative strategies to avoid recurrence of pest infestations at your property.

When you choose WR Gay as your pest control provider, you will not incur any hidden costs but rather experience efficient and reliable pest and termite treatment solutions. Contact us now on 1300 761 979 for more, or to book a pest inspection at your Wyndham Vale property.

For more information, call 1300 761 979