The Pest Management Industry

The Pest Management Industry in Australia continues to stay strong, experiencing only a slight but predictable downturn in eastern States due to Winter. Demand for pest management in the manufacturing and hospitality sectors is also strong and growing with a higher requirement for more systemised pest management programs that are incorporated into ISO Quality Systems or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) policies in many businesses, from top tier multi-national brand businesses, down to small niche businesses servicing a small local market. This growth reassures us as an industry that the ‘value’ of professional pest management and pest management services to a business or government sector is being noticed and considered essential.

Recently I caught up with our association Executive, Ms Catherine Yan, in Hong Kong to discuss the progress of FAOPMA since the change over, and particularly for the last 12 months. I am delighted to report that we are on schedule with all of the projects and tasks that FAOPMA hopes to achieve this year.

The main project has been the redesign and re-launch of the FAOPMA website. The site is now more ‘user friendly’, relevant to our needs, and has some extra features, like incorporating Google’s translator on the site that allows it to be viewed in almost any language.

This now allows FAOPMA to communicate to a larger audience within our membership, so I encourage all member associations and associates to get onto the website and have a look at your new FAOPMA website.

One of the other key issues that Catherine and I discussed, was growing FAOPMA membership by inviting the countries in our region that have an established professional pest management industry association to become a part of FAOPMA and sharing their experience with us all.

As we approach the FAOPMA conference in Korea, now only a few months away, the Exco members of FAOPMA need to start thinking forward as to how and what FAOPMA will look like, and what it would like to implement or achieve over the next few years. It’s also the time of our AGM and the time to elect our future Vice Presidents and the future President Elect, the Exco etc, for the next term under Mr Park’s presidency.

I encourage any and all member countries to consider supporting your nominated delegate to continue their involvement with FAOPMA or become more involved and nominate for an Executive Committee (Exco) or office bearer position, and continue FAOPMA’s momentum and growth in our important industry.

Until next issue.
David Gay – W.R. Gay Pest Control Melbourne