Making Sure Your New Home is Pest-Free

When moving house, the last thing you want to be doing is sharing your new home with freeloading pests. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what can happen, with
pests moving in ahead of your schedule or even coming with you during the relocation process.

Luckily, there are a couple of strategies you can employ to make sure your new home is pest-free before and when you move in. Here they are.

1. Book a termite inspection.
If you’re renting or purchasing an existing home that features timber, it is essential to organise a termite inspection Melbourne. It is recommended to not only do this before you move in, but before you even
decide whether the property is for you at all!

2. Do a personal inspection of your belongings and moving boxes.
You might be surprised by what critters you’ve accumulated in your old home. Do a thorough inspection of your linen, clothing, mattresses, curtains,
furniture, and pretty much everything not bolted down. This way you lessen the risk of bringing your old friends to your new home.

3. Clean your new property.
Moving is a huge process, and cleaning your new home (on top of your old one) can seem a little less than appealing. However, if you want to eradicate
potential pests from the get go it’s a great technique. On the bright side, your property is never going to be easier to clean than it is before you’ve
moved in, when it’s still an empty shell.

4. Arrange for a pest inspection in your new property.
It seems like an obvious one, but organising for a pest control specialist to come to your home is definitely
an important step. You can do so after you’ve settled in; just make sure to do it early on to avoid spending too much time sharing space with unwanted

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to easily make sure your new home is pest-free! To help with the entire relocation process, why not check out
these moving house tips as well.