Wasp Numbers in Melbourne Highest Since 1990s

Melbourne is currently seeing a huge rise in the amount of wasps buzzing around, reaching breeding levels that haven’t been encountered here for more than 20 years.
Experts are attributing this influx to the milder weather we’ve experienced lately; last winter didn’t get as cold as usual and this summer we haven’t seen nearly as many 40+ degree days like we’re used to.
Whatever the reason, this rise in wasps is presenting a lot of issues for Melbourne homeowners. Wasps can be incredibly dangerous, particularly for children and pets, which is why it’s important that you know what to do if you encounter them.

Top 5 Tips For Staying Safe Around Wasps

1. Do not disturb the nest as this can cause the wasps to become upset and aggressive and, unlike bees, wasps will seek out and sting repeatedly.
2. Call a pest controller to remove the wasp nest right away. It is important to destroy the Queen Wasp to make sure the nest doesn’t survive for the next season. This can happen in Melbourne due to the fact that our winters are not as harsh as the European winter, where they are not as likely to survive.
3. If you are concerned with how to handle a sting, call the poison control line on 13 11 26.
4. If an anaphylactic reaction starts to occur, for example swelling of the throat or tongue, or difficulty breathing, call 000 immediately.
5. When eating and drinking outside take extra precaution as this attracts the wasps. If you are drinking out of a can, it is advisable to use a straw to avoid accidentally ingesting a wasp which could repeatedly sting in the mouth or throat.

WR Gay Pest Control offers expert wasp removal services and can come to you as a matter of urgency, wherever you are located across Melbourne.

Pest Seasons In Melbourne

Pests don’t necessarily stick to a certain schedule according to the time of year, especially with the weather in Melbourne being particularly sporadical. With that being said, there are still certain pest seasons that can predict the general behaviour and commonality of each critter or vermon depending on the time of year.

W R Gay has provided pest control Melbourne services for more than 59 years, and as such we’ve been able to get a firm grasp on what to expect throughout the seasons. We’ve created the following graph to help you stay informed as well – but if you see any kind of unwanted guest on your property at any time of the year, make sure you call our professional team!

pest seasons in melbourne