Check the toilet before you sit down next time!

09/7/15 12:33 PM

Click here to seeing amazing footage of a rat making its way up and into the toilet bowl!!!

A swarm of Bees cause chaos at a Football Match in England!

07/27/15 1:45 PM

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Extraordinary Footage of Honey Bees

07/17/15 10:27 AM

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A Tarantula killing Wasp!

07/14/15 1:51 PM

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Asian Honey Bees discovered in the Northern Territory

07/9/15 2:54 PM

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Sailing Spiders!

07/6/15 3:09 PM

Research shows that spiders can travel up to 30km per day even over water! Click here to find out more.

More Fire Ants discovered in QLD

07/3/15 9:17 AM

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Our very own David Gay concludes his time as AEPMA president

07/1/15 12:36 PM

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Rats cause havoc in car engine in the UK

06/25/15 9:10 AM

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A new spider species discovered in the Northern Territory

06/22/15 11:46 AM

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