Wasp Numbers in Melbourne Highest Since 1990s

03/24/15 9:17 AM

Melbourne is currently seeing a huge rise in the amount of wasps buzzing around, reaching breeding levels that haven’t been encountered here for more than 20 years. Experts are attributing this influx to the milder weather we’ve experienced lately; last winter didn’t get as cold as usual and this summer we haven’t seen nearly as many 40+ degree days like we’re used to. Whatever the reason, this rise in wasps is presenting a lot of issues for Melbourne homeowners. Wasps… Read More

Pest Seasons In Melbourne

03/16/15 10:02 AM

Pests don’t necessarily stick to a certain schedule according to the time of year, especially with the weather in Melbourne being particularly sporadical. With that being said, there are still certain pest seasons that can predict the general behaviour and commonality of each critter or vermon depending on the time of year. W R Gay has provided pest control services to Melbourne for more than 50 years, and as such we’ve been able to get a firm grasp on what… Read More

W R Gay’s Termite Inspection Process

03/3/15 5:04 PM

So you think you might have termites damaging your property; what happens next? Follow the chart below to learn more about W R Gay Pest Control’s simple but effective termite inspection and control process!


10/27/14 3:33 AM

Now that the AEPMA Conference is behind us, we can return our focus to the projects and initiatives that are at the core of AEPMA’s purpose. The “big one” that will ultimately make a huge impact on our industry in the future in a positive way, is the review of the ‘training package’ in both the learning content and how the assessments are undertaken and under what conditions. We are happy with the progress so far, and in talking to… Read More

Making Sure Your New Home is Pest-Free

05/21/14 6:24 AM

When moving house, the last thing you want to be doing is sharing your new home with freeloading pests. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what can happen, with pests moving in ahead of your schedule or even coming with you during the relocation process. Luckily, there are a couple of strategies you can employ to make sure your new home is pest-free before and when you move in. Here they are. 1. Book a termite inspection. If you’re renting or purchasing an… Read More

AEPMA Presidents Report February 2014

03/11/14 10:00 PM

As we move into 2014 most Pest Managers are wondering why the phone is not ringing as much as they would like with the type of work and clients that best suit their business and their business expertise. Whilst at the same time, consumers are looking for qualified and reputable Pest Managers and are unable to contact or connect with one that suits their specific needs. It is often heard said that ‘consumers are more informed now’ because of the… Read More

AEPMA Presidents Report December 2013

12/12/13 6:41 AM

Now that we are into our busy season, most pest management businesses will be reviewing their position as employers and the choices they have made, or should have made, in relation to employment of Technicians. Under-skilled and under-performing Technicians will be struggling with the increased pressure and workload. Smaller businesses or one man operators may be considering hiring a Technician or Trainee to help out as they grow and struggle with the increased work load at this time of the… Read More

AEPMA Presidents Report September 2013

09/29/13 2:29 AM

Now that Spring is finally with us, our pest management season is off to a start. Many Pest Managers around the country are optimistic and enthusiastic about the season, especially after, for many, successive quieter than average Summers. Continuing low home loan interest rates, along with investor confidence now that the election is over, and we should have political stability for at least the next four years. Hopefully this will kick start the domestic building and renovating sector that much… Read More

The Pest Management Industry

07/31/13 7:41 AM

The Pest Management Industry in Australia continues to stay strong, experiencing only a slight but predictable downturn in eastern States due to Winter. Demand for pest management in the manufacturing and hospitality sectors is also strong and growing with a higher requirement for more systemised pest management programs that are incorporated into ISO Quality Systems or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) policies in many businesses, from top tier multi-national brand businesses, down to small niche businesses servicing a small local market…. Read More