More Fire Ants discovered in QLD

07/3/15 9:17 AM

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Our very own David Gay concludes his time as AEPMA president

07/1/15 12:36 PM

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Rats cause havoc in car engine in the UK

06/25/15 9:10 AM

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A new spider species discovered in the Northern Territory

06/22/15 11:46 AM

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Pregnant Ant Taco anybody???

06/18/15 12:03 PM

This Texan restaurant is experimenting with insects click here to read more!

Ever wondered what goes on in a bee hive?

05/25/15 1:50 PM

Mind blowing time lapse footage of bees developing from Larvae!

Proof rats are selfless and can empathise!

05/25/15 11:37 AM

Usually linked to filth and spreading of disease the old rat has shown that they have the ability to empathise and be selfless!

Who would have thought Gin made with Ants!!!

05/25/15 11:23 AM

Would you like some Ant with your Gin and Tonic???

Protecting Australian Honey Bees

05/25/15 11:20 AM

Click here to see what is being done to continue to protect our Honey Bee population in Australia that remains the only continent that doesn’t have theĀ varroa mite.

Trap-jaw ants are amazing acrobats!

05/15/15 10:34 AM

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